A Celebration of Service to Trinity Missions

A diamond jubilee is cause for celebration, and so we celebrate this momentous occasion for Bill Coombs, S.T., Ed Molumby, S.T., and Victor Seidel, S.T. As Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity, they have accepted the call to preserve the Faith among the spiritually neglected and abandoned. It’s through commitments like theirs that so many of our needy brothers and sisters have been nourished physically and spiritually. Congratulations to them for 60 years of making a difference in the lives of so many!

These men are keenly aware that none of their work would have been possible without the contributions and prayers of Trinity Missions’ supporters. They cannot say enough about how deeply indebted they are to those who supported them and believed in them from the very beginning. Their work is not finished, however. They will continue to nourish the souls of God’s neediest children in any way they can.

To all who help Trinity Missions, whether through prayer or monetary contributions, know that you are a gift and a blessing to us. We could not do a fraction of our work without you. In fact, we are partners in providing food, medical care, clothing, shelter, education and spiritual gifts to God’s neediest children. Together, we can continue to do amazing things.

As we thank Fathers Bill, Ed and Victor for their many years of service to Trinity Missions, we pray that others may discern God’s call and join us. And when they do, you could be one of the people who supports them through our missions. Just think: Several decades from now, a priest or Brother will celebrate his Diamond Jubilee, and he will have you to thank. What a legacy you would be leaving!

Please consider supporting a seminarian as he discerns the path toward his higher calling with Trinity Missions.

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