Spotlight: Fr. Edwin Dill, S.T.

The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity are known for serving the poorest of the poor in many places in the United States and Latin America.

But who serves those serving the poor?

For more than 60 years — as a priest and professed member of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity — Fr. Edwin Dill, S.T,. has provided behind-the-scenes support for our community.

After his formation and ordination, Fr. Edwin taught Latin to seminarians, served on missions in Mississippi and was editor of the Trinity Missions Magazine, which helped raise funds for our various missions.

Fr. Edwin has filled almost every position imaginable within our community: Development Director for 10 years, General Councilor at the Seventh General Cenacle, General Custodian, Director of the Communications Office and Custodian of the Father Judge Missionary Cenacle, where he now resides.

In each of these assignments, Fr. Edwin guided and supported our calling: by intellectually and spiritually forming others, raising money to aid all of our missions and leading and guiding at so many critical moments in the life of our community. And while his ministry may have been less visible, his efforts have made an incalculable impact in the lives of many men, women and children.

The life of a missionary is filled with uncertainty. Our priests and Brothers must always be open to the direction of the Holy Spirit and the assignments given by their superiors. Fr. Edwin’s decades of faithfulness prove that while we never know what specific work the Lord has in store for us, there will always be someone to serve — even if it means serving those who serve others!

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