Serving Refugees In Coachella, CA


The Coachella Valley, known as the “Land of Eternal Sunshine”, is largely a rural, agricultural, family-oriented desert community. To our younger friends, Coachella is best known for the Coachella Music and Arts Festival which draws thousands to the area each year. However, more importantly, this desert valley, about 130 miles southeast of Los Angeles, is one of the country’s richest agricultural areas.

Also here — away from the glitz and glamour of the music festival — is one of the poorest, densest areas of the United States. It is home to thousands of poor farm workers and their families who travel here to work the fields and harvest table grapes, peppers, watermelons and most of the country’s dates. However, these poor workers are giving hope to others who have less than them.

Recently, Father Guy Wilson, S.T., and the Our Lady of Soledad parish community have been assisting the influx of asylum seekers in the area that are fleeing violence in their native lands. With overflowing detention centers, refugees are being released onto the streets of Coachella. Father Guy and his parishioners (in conjunction with members of the Valley Mission Program) are taking part in Operation Bienvenida (Welcome) and are enriching the lives of these poor people by working tirelessly to provide them with the things most of us take for granted. Thanks to friends like you we are able to help them achieve their goal.

Learn more about how Trinity Mission’s presence in Coachella serves migrants who are often escaping violent, emergency situations in their home countries. This in-depth look at why this ministry of presence, hospitality, and providing basic needs is so necessary for families in need.

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