Personnel and Community Life Updates

In addition to welcoming our new General Council, there are many other changes taking place among the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity. Here are personnel and community life updates for this year.

Fr. Domingo Rodríguez: Fr. Domingo has been assigned to reside at Fr. Judge Missionary Cenacle in Adelphi, Maryland. His arrival is expected on September 20th.

Fr. Ed Molumby: Fr. Ed has been assigned to reside at Fr. Judge Missionary Cenacle, Adelphi, Maryland. His arrival is expected in early August.

Br. Loughlan Sofield: Congratulations to Br. Loughlan on his article published in the latest issue of “Human Development Magazine.” The article addresses the impact of the pandemic on individuals and congregations and offers practical steps for dealing with the grieving and healing process.

Fr. Ray Riding: Fr. Ray submitted his plan and budget for his sabbatical year, which was approved. Fr. Ray will begin this time on August 1. We are grateful to him for his 17 years as Director of the Novitiate and assure him of our prayers in the year ahead.

Fr. Allen Rodríguez: After leaving Puerto Rico and attending the transition Council meeting, Fr. Allen is temporarily assigned to Our Lady of Victory in Compton, CA. He will be assisting Frs. Gilberto Rodríguez and Roberto Meno for the time being.

Fr. Charlie Piatt: A big thank you to Fr. Charlie for making himself available to the families participating in the Trinita Family Enrichment Program. Trinita is a camp run by our Sisters, the Missionary Servants of the Most Blessed Trinity, for the past 100 years. While there, Fr. Charlie will celebrate Mass for the families and staff and help with repairs around the camp.

Clothing of New Novices: In Mexico, three of our brothers – Fabricio Vladimir Sánchez Meléndez, Jorge Mario Morales Díaz and Alexander Josué Badilla Rodríguez – were received into Novitiate and clothed in our habit on Saturday, July 22. Keep them in your prayers.

Perpetual Profession of Vows: In Medellín, Colombia, three of our brothers – Garry Laurent, Wilson Castaño and Benoit Pierre – will make their Perpetual Profession of Vows on August 15, 2023, in the presence of Fr. Jesús Ramírez. This will be Fr. Jesús’ first official act as the new Custodian General of the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity. He will then remain in Medellín to receive the renewal of vows for the rest of the brothers the following week.

First Profession of Vows: In Ajoloapan, Mexico, three of our brothers – Jairo López, Carlos Joanis and Alexi Asturias – made their First Profession of Vows on Sunday, July 23.

Renewal of Vows: The following will renew their vows in August:

Albeiro Muñoz Jonny Sierra
Didier Muñoz Edgar González
Javier Rosa Kervens Joseph
Makenson Tity José Martínez
Elmerson Camacho Arnobis Montoya
Christian Manzanares Chukwuma Anaele
Wilson Destin

Summer Student Assignments: Our Brothers are sent to the missions on their semester breaks to experience missionary life firsthand. Many of the seminarians from Medellín go to assist at the mission in Guamal. Those from the formation house in San José, CR, go to the mission in Puerto Jiménez. In the U.S., Br. Javier Rosa is helping out at our mission in Tucson, AZ, and Br. Chukwuma Philip Anaele is serving his summer in Compton, CA.

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