Fr. Mike Visits Our Missions in Honduras and Haiti

On June 19–22, Fr. Michael Barth, ST, visited our mission in Honduras for the first time since the pandemic. The new developments there from the past three years impressed him! He joined us for Mass at the chapel, toured the Mission Medical Clinic and met dozens of Hondurans whose lives have been changed for the better thanks to your generous support. 

Our mission is located in an impoverished area outside of the capital, called Nueva Capital. Gang violence flourishes there. Fr. César Muñoz, ST, and Fr. Alexander Díaz, ST, minister to the youth to keep them out of gangs. The priests appreciated Fr. Mike’s presence and encouragement. 

Fr. Mike next flew to our mission in Paredon, Haiti, on June 23 –26, where we have a school which currently educates about 200 students who can’t afford other schools. Fr. Mike met with Fr. Guiteau Azaar Charles, ST, Fr. Pierre Andral, ST, and Wilson Destin, ST.

Our school has long struggled with providing fresh water to the students. But Fr. Mike’s arrival came shortly after our missionaries finished drilling a well on the mission property. Our generous benefactors helped us purchase the equipment to create this well, and now, our students, priests and Brothers enjoy fresh water. 

Here’s some news from a couple of our other missions.

Mecca, California

Our mission in Mecca recently completed the new Chapel of San Juan Diego, which is in the North Shore area of the parish. They celebrated their first Mass on May 14th. This chapel serves a farmworker community made up mostly of the Purépecha, an indigenous people from Mexico.

Camden, Mississippi

Sacred Heart Mission in Camden continues its annual tradition of providing Summer Enrichment Programs for children. This year, it provides educational activities, arts and crafts and swimming so that the children can grow spiritually, physically and socially in a safe environment.

Thanks for your continued generosity and prayers. Through you, God continues to bless our missions so that we can in turn be a blessing to our brothers and sisters in need.

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