Catholic Missionaries Serving the Poor and Abandoned

The Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity are a Catholic missionary religious order. Our priests and Brothers are dedicated to preserving the faith among poor and abandoned.

We were founded 100 years ago by Fr. Thomas A. Judge, ST. Fr. Judge’s dream was to inspire everyday people to become missionaries in their own families and communities. And one of the best ways to do that is by loving one’s neighbor. In fact, Fr. Judge is credited with saying, “There is no truer proof of a great love of God than a great love of our neighbor.”

Today, our Catholic missionaries serve the poor and abandoned in 37 different missions throughout seven different countries, including here in the United States as well as throughout Mexico and Latin America, and in the Caribbean. Each mission serves its community in different ways, including:

  • Food assistance ministries, such as food pantries or urban farms
  • Healthcare ministries, such as medical clinics and traveling healthcare teams
  • Building projects, such as wells for clean drinking water or homes for the homeless
  • Addiction recovery ministries
  • Gang intervention
  • and more

You can help the Missionary Servants help more people. Make a donation today to help bring food to the hungry, clothes to the naked, drink to the thirst, homes to the homeless. In return, our missionary priests and Brothers will pray for you and your intentions each week at Mass.

Here are some ways your donations can help:

  • $25 can help provide groceries to the homebound in Chicago’s inner-city
  • $50 can help provide medicine for a mobile clinic in Mexico
  • $100 can help secure building materials for a new home in Honduras
  • $500 can help cover the cost of tuition for our seminarians studying to become priests and Brothers

Please support our Catholic Missionaries so we can in turn support those who are most in need. Click below to give.

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