What’s Your Mission?
Each and every one of us is called by God to make His love known in the world. Some are called to do so as parents, others as priests and religious. But how do you know your specific calling? What is your mission?
Hospitality in Honduras: Feeding Souls Together
In the San Juan de Flores neighborhood of Comayagüelas, Honduras, it’s hard for people to know where their next meal will come from. With very limited resources, the people we serve in this community struggle to meet their basic needs — including adequate nutrition.
Then and Now: The Legacy of Trinity Missions
One hundred years ago, when the first Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity promised to work to preserve the faith among the spiritually neglected and abandoned, they could never have imagined what their legacy would be.
A Death in the Family
The migrant workers who toil in the chicken processing plants across Mississippi are a close-knit group. Their sense of community extends to the missionaries who serve them. When Edgar Lopez died trying to get back to his family in Carthage, Mississippi, following his deportation, it left a hole in this faith-filled community that may never be filled.
Spotlight: Fr. Edwin Dill, S.T.
You hear the stories from our incredible missionaries around the world. But the powerful work that they do is often aided by individuals behind the scenes. Fr. Edwin Dill, S.T., doesn’t currently work in the mission field, but he has supported our missionaries and made their work possible for decades.