Carrying the Cross This Lent

The penitential season of Lent is an opportunity for all Christians to quietly reflect on our lives. What attachments are keeping us from loving more freely? What distractions pull our gaze from the Lord?

Lent also gives us time to focus on the Gospel: the story of Christ’s suffering, dying and rising. The Cross of Christ is placed before us these 40 days. As Trinity Missions founder Fr. Thomas Judge reflected:

The Cross is a sign that provokes us to love, to worship, to gratitude, to thanksgiving, to service. But for the mysteries of that Cross, our destiny would be too hideous to think about. . . . We cannot look upon that Cross without knowing that thereupon was paid the price of our souls’ salvation.

While Lent is well underway, it’s not too late to intensify our prayer and reflection as we journey toward Easter. To help provide spiritual nourishment for our Trinity Missions community, we’ve put together an eBook called The Spirit of Lent: Daily Lenten Meditations from Fr. Judge.

With these daily reflections, you will be drawn to the mystery of the Cross and you will hear the call to purify your heart. Fr. Judge gives profound teachings on the virtues needed to make the most of Lent. He also reflects on the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ teaching and example.

This Lenten companion will be a worthy guide as we make our way to Calvary.

Download the free eBook here.

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