Building Hope in Honduras

Around Trinity Missions, the saying “God bless you” is commonly heard.

We say it to people we meet briefly. We ask for God to impart a blessing on everyone we serve. And other times we see God’s blessing take form before our own eyes.

In Honduras, Fr. César Muñoz has witnessed God’s blessing on two very vulnerable families whose hope was restored thanks to our missionaries and the support of our generous benefactors. 

Last December our missionaries built a home for Cristian and Cindy, who, along with their 6-month-old baby, faced many challenges: a lack of opportunities, a lack of basic necessities and, most of all, a lack of shelter. Spearheaded by the work of Fr. César, we’ve provided them with more than just a simple home to call their own; we’ve also given them a tangible reminder of God’s loving care.

The same can be said of Sagrario and her four children, for whom we’ve also built a home in Honduras. For Sagrario and her children, this gift is an unspeakable blessing. For Fr. César and the other missionaries, it is simply answering God’s call to help the neediest of all.

A blessing that is bestowed upon the missionaries is being able to share in this work with the very people we help. Our families aid in the construction of their own homes. Together, we bear witness to the unlimited abundance of God’s love and mercy.

So many of our families live day to day, many times not knowing when or where they will get their next meal. Because of COVID-19, most have been without work. Many try to eke out a living by selling spices, tamales, firewood and used clothing while depending on the charity of others. Our Honduras mission started the Solidarity Canteen in the San Juan neighborhood in 2020 because the area residents have been some of the hardest hit by the pandemic. We thank our benefactors because through their contributions we can sustain these initiatives.

This is what Trinity Missions does best. We carry God’s blessing with us to where it is most needed. And we’re only getting started. Help us to build more homes — to build more hope — for the people we serve. Click below to give.

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