Addiction Healing Initiative Brought to Diocese

Trinity Mission’s I THIRST Addiction Healing initiative was recently featured in the Catholic Star Herald. Read how one Diocese is making use of this program to accompany those suffering with addiction.

On Nov. 16, 2019, the I THIRST Addiction Healing Initiative will be launched in the Camden Diocese at Holy Family Parish in Sewell. This initiative, which aims to empower the church to be a resource for those suffering from addiction and their families, has gained traction across the country in various dioceses and universities. And now, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Camden, will be adopting the initiative’s many programs to meet the needs of those in southern New Jersey who are experiencing the dryness and barrenness inherent to the addiction epidemic.

According to Keaton Douglas, executive director of I THIRST, “Addiction is a defining problem of society, with physiological and mental health components which must be addressed. Ultimately, however, the desolation, the abandonment and the guilt which are all ‘hallmarks’ of the addicted life, are in many ways spiritual problems which require a spiritual remedy.”

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