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Sts. Peter and Paul Novena of Masses begins June 29th. Join us in prayer…

It’s rare to have a feast day that honors two saints. But Saint Peter and Saint Paul are so closely tied together. They are two of the most well-known saints, and are often spoken of as the two men most responsible for spreading the Christian message in the days of the early Church. This is … more

Haiti…a new frontier for Missionary Servants

On May 24, 2017, Fathers Frank Conkle, S.T., and Jaime Serrano, S.T., arrived in Haiti which marked the birth of our newest mission. Establishing a presence in Haiti has been much anticipated by the Missionary Servants for many years. It was likely not a question of “will we go?” rather, more a matter of when … more

Give Today! Help us reach our goal! Restore statue in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Please consider a donation to help restore our Christ the Redeemer statue here at our mission headquarters in Maryland. This large, magnificent marble statue stands as a beacon of hope not just for our priests and Brothers doing God’s work in our missions; it also shines bright in the community and comforts the devoted visitors … more

50 Years and Still Going Strong!

Last month, Fathers Domingo Rodriguez and Charlie Gordon, celebrated their Golden Jubilee as Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity priests. Many remember Father Domingo for his years as Mission Procurator.  In this role he communicated to our supporters news of our good works as well as the accomplishments and challenges of those we serve. … more

This Trinity Sunday Celebrate With Us!

We look forward to this Sunday all year long! The Solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is at the heart of our founder’s spiritual thought: the grace and peace of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. Three persons. One God. In celebration of this special day, … more

Blessings to you and those you love on Father’s Day.

The special day when we honor our fathers will soon be here. Please share the name of your father and the other special fathers, sons, brothers, nephews and friends in your life, living or deceased, to include in our Father’s Day Novena of Masses beginning on June 10th and ending on Father’s Day. Please take a … more

Being the face of Christ to others…an important lesson to learn.

Trinity Missionaries serve people who suffer from poverty, sickness, lack of education, and neglect by society. Simple people who struggle to understand why they are so afflicted; who ask what God’s will for them is in all this. To people such as this our seminarians will bring the story of God’s love for them. An important … more

Guadalupe House of Evangelization in Georgia…through simplicity comes great things.

In the middle of a field in rural southwest Georgia, not far from the Florida border, sits an unassuming house. Looking from the outside, you wouldn’t know the great things happening inside. What you will find inside this simple house are our missionaries serving the spiritual needs of the farm workers and their families who … more

Sacred Heart in Camden, Mississippi, celebrated 10th Anniversary of new church.

This year, 2017, marks the 10th anniversary of the construction of the new Sacred Heart Church in Camden, Mississippi. Just as important, we are also happy to remember the 74th anniversary of the Missionary Servant’s ministry among the people at Sacred Heart and the 155th year, give or take a few, that the Catholic Church … more

25 Years Later…Missionary Servants still going strong in Costa Rica.

This year marks the 25th anniversary since the opening of the St. Joseph Missionary Cenacle in Santo Domingo de Heredia, Costa Rica, just outside the capital city of San José. The pre-Novitiate (what was called a minor seminary in the past) opened with eight young men from countries in Central America. Most of those first … more