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Happy Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving only a day away, a feeling of gratitude is forefront in our minds. We are constantly thinking of you, our many friends, and thanking God for your love and support. Who or what are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?  Please click here to share your prayerful intentions. When we celebrate Thanksgiving, be assured … more

Finding God in OSHA training courses…Read about this unique ministry.

This month, as Thanksgiving approaches, let us reflect on those who may not have enough for a proper daily meal, let alone a holiday feast. These thoughts lead to the great work being done by one of our priests, Father Charlie Piatt, S.T. Father Charlie has a unique ministry. About five times a month, he … more

Changing lives and helping the vulnerable…meet Brother Raúl Mejia, S.T.

Our Brothers work hard to make a difference. Often, their work leads to new adventures and educational opportunities. Take Brother Raúl Mejia for example. He is now a licensed social worker. He shares, “For me, it was a blessing to receive my degree in social work this year; I couldn’t have done it without the … more

Mission Year…A time for finding joy in everything you do!

Late February 2017, Brother Jose de Jesus Martinez traveled over 2,400 miles from Guamal, Colombia to Chicago, Illinois, where he has spent months at our post-Novitiate. His experience so far has been chock-full of “firsts” — first time visiting the United States, first time learning a new language, as well as a new culture. Recently … more

Order today! Every Catholic An Apostle…A Life of Thomas A. Judge, C.M.

Learn more about our founder, Father Thomas A. Judge. Bill Portier’s biography is now available for order at Amazon. Click here to order. Available only in English at this time. Spanish version is expected in early 2018. Born in Boston of immigrant parents, Thomas A. Judge, CM (1868-1933) preached up and down the east coast … more

Save the date! Two will be ordained November 25, 2017.

This month we are most grateful for the two young men who will be ordained Missionary Servant priests and for those who have made it possible. Please keep Brothers Eder Quiñones and Gustavo Baloco in your thoughts and prayers on November 25, 2017. On that day at the Metropolitan Cathedral in Medellín, Colombia, surrounded by … more

30 Days, 30 All Souls Masses… Remember Deceased Loved Ones in Month of Masses

Do you have deceased friends and family members you’d like remembered? As an expression of appreciation for your friendship, we would like to remember them in 30 Masses (one Mass each day for 30 days) beginning November 1st. Send me their names, and we will join you in praying for their eternal rest. While we … more

Update from Puerto Rico

The people of Puerto Rico, especially those from our missions, along with our priests and Brothers serving them, want to thank all who have given so generously in support of their needs.  Please take this opportunity to see first-hand the difference we are making together.  Share this short slideshow with your friends and family.  Invite them to “love … more

Help Puerto Rico, Give Today!

Trinity Missions has had a presence in Puerto Rico since the earliest days of our Congregation’s founding. And, today five Trinity Missionaries serve in the Diocese of Fajardo – Humacao. These same five priests are responsible for three mission centers, one in Humacao and two in the area of Loíza. And, within each mission center … more

Surviving Hurricane Irma…Update from mission in Loíza, Puerto Rico

Our mission, St. Patrick and Holy Spirit Church, in Loíza, Puerto Rico, is the epicenter for this community’s relief efforts following hurricane Irma. Irma destroyed seventy-nine homes in Loiza. Due in part to an overwhelming sense of community felt by the Puerto Rican people and a shared faith in God’s restorative love, these families do … more