Meet Father Allen Rodriguez S.T.

Hello, friends! My name is Father Allen Rodriguez, S.T. I am the Vocation Director for the United States and Puerto Rico. I currently reside at our formation house in Riverside, California. I feel as though I’ve been a member of the Missionary Servant family for most of my life. My childhood parish, Santa Maria Madre de Dios, in Loiza Valley, Puerto Rico, was staffed by Missionary Servants. It was during my early years that I came to know and love this unique Congregation of missionary priests and Brothers. And, it was on June 16, 2007, that I was ordained to the priesthood.

By watching and following the daily work of my early mentors, a seed was sown — the seed of God’s love, especially the love for the poor among us. Throughout my life I’ve come to learn that God speaks and acts through people. The challenge for all of us is to become better listeners.

I’d love to hear your story. How is God present in your life? And, how can the Missionary Servants help you to be that same loving presence in the lives of others?

I encourage you to complete the Vocations Profile Form — United States and Puerto Rico.

My contact information is:
Mailing address: 3325 13th street Riverside CA 92501
Email address:
Cell phone: 951-446-8057
WhatsApp: 951-446-8057

Social Media:
YouTube:USA Vocation Ministry Missionary Servants
Facebook: USA Vocation Ministry Facebook; Misioneros Trinitarios USA and Puerto Rico

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