A Missionary Brother…Is this the life for you?

Like a quilt with its unique and colorful patches, the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity is comprised of men, young and old, who bring to our community their own unique and colorful qualities.

Taking our unique qualities into consideration, each man must discern if God’s call  to religious life will be expressed as a priest or a Missionary Brother. The process of discernment is never done alone, each student will have the companionship of spiritual direction and the attentiveness of a formation director.

In the case of a discernment that leads to priesthood, studies will include philosophy and theology. In the case of a discernment that leads to the vocation of a Missionary Brother, then studies will focus on the best response to the poor and abandoned and the making of apostles. In other words, varied ways to minister.

Life as a Brother offers unique opportunities for those who look for more practical and tangible ways to minister to those in need. We have Brothers who are trained and accredited nurse practitioners, lawyers, social workers and, even, a medical doctor.

Br Carlos Urquina future M.D.

Brother Carlos Urquina, S.T., a missionary Brother as well as a medical doctor.

People like, Brother John Skrodinsky, who is missioned in Holy Trinity, Alabama, felt called to study law and now uses his legal degree and experience to help those less fortunate, particularly migrant workers who have little to no rights. Brother Carlos Urquina, whose dream is to heal both the body and soul of those he meets, is studying medicine in Mexico. And, Brother Raul Mejia is currently busy studying Social Work in Colombia.

As a Congregation, we are always looking for ways to witness to the gospel. We recognize that God’s plan for us does not end at the Final Profession of Vows, discernment continues as we feel with the Church. As we grow in faith and understanding, so does our role as missionaries.

The Missionary Servants and those we serve need more men like, Brs. John, Carlos and Raul. Are you one of those men?

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