“Mission Year”…Time Spent Learning How To Be Of Service.

As we celebrate the last of 30 days of All Souls Masses and the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to keep ever present in our minds and in our hearts that as missionaries we are called to serve — to be present and aware of all those in need. Being of service is at the core of who we are.

One of the best ways that our seminarians learn about service is through their mission year. Brother Guiteau Charles began his mission year in February of this year, joining our missionaries in South Tucson, Arizona. He shared in an e-mail that his mission year experience has brought with it many surprises including; visiting the United States for the first time and experiencing first-hand many cultural and language differences. He wrote:

Brother Guiteau with

Brother Guiteau (pictured on left) is grateful for his Mission Year experience.

“The biggest impact is how our culture affects our expression of faith. The Native American ‘Yaqui’ on our mission in Arizona have a very unique way of understanding and expressing their love of God. Movement and colors are very important. In fact, they perform the rite of blessing through dance without using any words. That really is proof that our God is universal, His love truly embraces everyone without distinction.”

He is grateful to the formation process he’s going through for helping him forge a strong missionary spirit and helping him recognize the gifts that God has given him. He looks forward to the road ahead of him.

This combination of formal education and mission experience shows its value in the kind of ministry we are able to provide the people we serve. Our seminarians – and future priests – are keenly aware that without the generosity of others not one step could be taken along their journey.

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