Meet Future M.D., Brother Carlos Urquina, S.T.

Brother Carlos Urquina, S.T., working to gain knowledge and skills required to become a doctor.

Brother Carlos Urquina, S.T., working to gain knowledge and skills required to become a doctor.

Presently, there are nineteen professed Missionary Brothers in our Congregation.  Each Brother is able to play a vital role in our missionary work. Freely and creatively giving service to others, the work of today’s Missionary Brother takes many forms.

Brother Carlos Urquina, S.T., has spent the past five years studying medicine in Mexico. Since the death of his father when he was seven years old, Brother’s lifelong dream has been to heal both the body and soul of those he meets. Brother Carlos recently shared updates from his one-year internship experience at the General Hospital of Valladolid, located in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.

The main objective of the internship is to gain the hands-on experience needed to practice medicine without supervision. During his internship Brother Carlos worked in different areas: surgery, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, and the emergency department. The area where Brother spent the most time was in obstetrics and gynecology.

Initially he was nervous to be assigned to it especially when he recalled the warnings in class about how any wrong decision made by a doctor during delivery can affect a baby for his or her lifetime. However, he put those fears aside, leaving it in God’s hands. By the end of the year, Brother had delivered more than 400 babies!

Brother Carlos offered, “It is interesting how we run the risk of thinking that we know more than we do, but is only when we experience something inexplicable we realize that we really don’t know that much and that whatever we do know is nothing compared to the greatness of God.”

His time in the ER touched him in different ways. Brother Carlos saw the effects of today’s societal problems— violence, drugs, domestic abuse. He said, “Only when you put yourself in place of the patient do you realize the great need patients have of hope and consolation, which at times are more important than advanced medical procedures.” Because of benefactors like you, Brother Carlos is there to give them the hope that they need.

Missionary Servants like Brother Carlos, who can fulfill their dreams to serve those in most need, are grateful to you for allowing them to bring Christ to such wonderful people. Friends like you help make possible this special ministry. You understand the wonderful things that can happen when people reach out to help other people.


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