From Brother to Father…Meet Father César Muñoz, S.T.

Fr_Cesar_cakesOn Saturday, January 14, 2017, Brother César Muñoz became Father César Muñoz. His ordination in Puerto Jiménez, Costa Rica, marked his transition from Missionary Brother to priest.

Brother César was born in El Salvador. The youngest of five children, he went to public elementary school and earned a scholarship to a Jesuit high school. He went to college at the National University of El Salvador, where he graduated with a degree in chemistry and pharmacy.

After volunteering for some time at our mission in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica, Brother Cesar entered our House of Studies near San Jose, Costa Rica. He recalls that the first two years were very intense, studying and working in his weekend apostolate with Nicaraguan migrants in the area. This experience really sharpened his sense of service to the needy.

The House of Studies prepared him for his Novitiate year in Mexico. He then entered our Post-Novitiate seminary to study Theology. When he finished his theology studies, he spent his “mission year” in Guamal, Colombia. After professing his Final Vows as a Missionary Brother, Brother Cesar was asked to return to Guamal.

Fr_Cesar celebrating with pre-novices

Father Cesar celebrating after his ordination with seminarians at formation house in Costa Rica.

While visiting his family in El Salvador, one Christmas a few years ago, he was asked to participate in the celebrations. He shares, “As I presided as a Religious Brother during one of the celebrations of the Word with the people of my village, I felt challenged by the Gospel passage: “When he saw the crowds, Jesus felt compassion because they were depressed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd” (Mt 9, 36). It was out of this experience that I began reexamining my vocation. What was God’s plan for me? I came to believe that He was calling me to priesthood. Soon after, I began the process of becoming a Missionary Servant priest.”

Father Cesar looks forward to being a messenger of peace in his new role. He will be joining fellow Missionary Servant, Fr. Alexis Zúniga, in his work to end the gang-related violence among the youth of Honduras.

He shares his sincere gratitude to all who have made this possible. “I want to thank God, my friends, family and benefactors for the opportunity given me — to live enriched by the sharing of each of you, my missionary brothers and sisters, religious and lay brothers and sisters. Blessings to you all and my prayers with each of you.”

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