As most of our Missionary Servants would agree, “retirement” is not in our vocabulary!  Still, there does come a time for many of our aging priests and Brothers when it is not possible to stay on the missions any longer.  For them, Fr. Judge Missionary Cenacle in Adelphi, Maryland — just outside our nation’s capital — is home.

Here, our men feel welcome and comfortable.  It is here, free of the responsibilities of serving on mission, that a new missionary vocation begins.  When their health and physical condition allows, they often volunteer to celebrate Mass at local nursing homes or give days of reflection for lay groups.  But their primary calling at this stage of life is to deepen their spiritual lives and continue their soul-work of cultivating a contemplative life with God, a never-ending challenge. Our priests and Brothers at Fr. Judge Missionary Cenacle spend many hours each week praying for our missionary works, for their confreres, for the Church and for our friends and benefactors who help make it all possible.

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