Who We Help

The Poor and Abandoned…

In the almost one hundred years since our foundation, we have become an international community serving the poor in six countries.

Our Congregation is in 39 different missions located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Haiti, Honduras and Mexico. These missions involve staffing parishes where Bishops request our help, usually in inner-city neighborhoods or isolated, rural areas; working with migrant workers, native Americans and indigenous populations, gang members and other vulnerable youth, and with individuals suffering from addictions and their families.

Every Catholic … an apostle

Our founder, Fr. Thomas Judge, had a vision that every Catholic was called to be an apostle. He believed that laity with the missionary spirit would be able to preserve the Catholic faith. Our priests and Brothers have brought that charism to the poorest members of the body of Christ and we have remained faithful to our founding mission and charism.

Wherever we serve, our primary interests are threefold: reaching out to poor and marginalized people, challenging the men and women we meet to be apostles – missionaries – in their daily lives, and preserving the Faith of vulnerable groups such as immigrants and others in danger of losing their Catholic faith.

Responding to God’s call…

There are currently 121 members of the Missionary Servants including priests, deacons, brothers, clerics and novices. We also have formation programs in four countries, with approximately 32 young men presently in different stages of preparation for Final Vows and, in most cases, priestly ordinations. God has blessed our efforts by sending vocations to carry forward the work.

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