Invite a Priest into your family.

Support a Seminarian in his journey towards priesthood.


At Trinity Missions, we work every day to encourage and support aspiring priests. These young men seek to share the teachings of our Lord with the world, and they need help from generous supporters like you to do so.

Many of these young men come from poor families.  They do not have the necessary funds to pay for their education and many years of training.  But now you can change that for one special seminarian by becoming a Foster Parent today!

As a foster parent, you will help fund a young man’s journey towards priesthood. Your support will help mold a young man into a confident and caring priest dedicated to spreading the word of God to all who will listen. You can help make a difference that will truly last a lifetime.

In your new role, you will provide regular financial support for your seminarian’s formation. You may choose to give your support weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Your gifts will provide your seminarian with essential items such as tuition, textbooks, housing, meals and clothing.

In thanks for your support, you will receive:

  • A photo of the seminarian you are supporting
  • A personal letter of thanks from your seminarian
  • Monthly updates about Trinity Missions’ seminarians and missions
  • Periodic contact with your seminarian throughout the year
  • A distinct place of remembrance in each of our Masses
  • A special highlighted remembrance in your seminarian’s first Mass as a newly ordained priest
  • A pocket rosary blessed by Father Stephen

This is your chance to do something that, in the end, will help introduce so many to God’s love. By helping one of our young seminarians become an ordained priest, you have a hand in spreading the Word of God. Your seminarian’s life dedicated to our Lord will all be possible because of you. Please consider becoming a foster parent today!

With you, we will make a world of difference.

Frequently Asked Questions!

What is a “Foster Parent?”
What are the costs?
What are the benefits of being a Foster Parent?
Where does my donation go?
How do I become a Foster Parent?
What if I have to stop giving directly through my credit card?
Can I send in prayer intentions every month?

What is a “Foster Parent?”
Foster Parents are dedicated friends — committed to their Faith.  Each welcomes one (or more) of our seminarians into their hearts by providing regular financial support to young men who have begun their journey towards priesthood. This support may be given weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Donations of all amounts are accepted and deeply appreciated. No matter how much you can afford to give, your support will aid a special young man throughout his journey towards priesthood.

What are the costs?
It costs almost $40,000 a year to put a young man through the seminary.  Most of our seminarians come from Latin America, from families of very limited means.  They could never afford to pursue their vocation without help from friends like you.   We ask you to assist us by donating whatever you can each week, month or year. Each dollar helps bring a young man closer to his ordination.

What are the benefits of being a Foster Parent?
When you first become a Foster Parent, you will receive a photo and a letter of introduction from your seminarian.  You will receive monthly updates from Trinity Missions sharing news of our seminarians as they go through the process of becoming a priest.   And, of course, you will hear directly from your seminarian periodically throughout the year.

As a Foster Parent, you will also be remembered in the Masses and prayers of our Trinity Missionaries every day, and each month your intentions will be included in a special Novena of Masses.  You will also have a special remembrance in your seminarian’s First Mass as a newly ordained priest.

Where does my donation go?
Your donation will go towards costs like housing, meals, tuition, textbooks and clothing, as your seminarian travels through each phase of formation on the road to priesthood.

How do I become a “Foster Parent”?
Click here and sign up with your weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual gift.

You will receive a “Thank You!” letter and acknowledgement for every gift.

What if I have to stop giving directly through my credit card?
Simply call us at 1-888-248-8577 and we will take care of your request immediately.

Can I send in prayer intentions every month?
Yes!  We would be honored to pray for your intentions.  Each month, Fr. Stephen will send you a letter updating the progress of our seminarians and asking for your prayer intentions.

A special gift for Foster Parents.
In appreciation for your commitment, we will send you an extra special gift — a pocket rosary blessed by Fr. Stephen.  Consider it a “thank you” not only from your seminarian but from all the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity.

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