First Profession of Vows

On July 28, our three novices, Albeiro Muñoz, Didier E. Muñoz, and Luís Alberto Fernandez made their First Profession of Vows. As they placed their hands in the hands of our General Custodian, they gave their lives to God in our community to serve His People in His love.

In the Mass and celebration afterwards, we were blessed not only by many different STs but also by the presence of the Cenacle Family and other friends that have accompanied them throughout their Novitiate year. The Mass and celebration was held at our mission Sta. María Ajoloapan where our novices have done their apostolates during the year. We thank all of you for your presence in your thoughts and prayers.

Albeiro and Didier have gone to Colombia to continue their formation and studies at our Post-Novitiate in Medellin. Luís Alberto will be at our mission in Tucson until January 2020 when he will go to Post-Novitiate in Chicago. All three brothers professed as Missionary Brothers!

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