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TM Chapter Logo ingles (2)On the very first Pentecost, St. Peter along with the other apostles left the upper room –the cenacle–where they had been staying to proclaim to a diverse crowd that had gathered in Jerusalem about the extraordinary and surprising events surrounding Jesus’ resurrection and all that He had done.People from many different countries, all speaking different languages were amazed that they could all hear and understand the “Good News.”

Like St. Peter, we Missionary Servants find ourselves in extraordinary and exciting times. Over the next week, delegates from our Congregation will hold a kind of “homecoming.” Traveling from distant places, speaking different languages we come together to participate in the 16th General Cenacle convening in Mexico, a “mid-way” point for our missions.

15th General Council- Thank you for your four years of service! (Pictured above in front of our founder (left to right): General Council Members, Brother John Skrodinsky, S.T. (New Jersey), Father Victor Machorro, S.T, (Costa Rica) Father Michael Barth, S.T. (General Custodian,Silver Spring, Maryland) Father Jesús Ramirez, S.T (Vicar General, Mexico), and Father Guy Wilson, S.T., California).

A General Cenacle is the highest legislative body in our Congregation. It meets every four years to determine the direction for the Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity and to elect new leadership.  As the name “Cenacle” suggests, the occasion calls for a keen awareness and openness to the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to you, our loyal friends and benefactors, for your loving support. Your prayers and contributions make it possible for us to follow God’s will in whatever direction it may lead us in the future. Truly, you are a co-missionary with us as we serve the poorest and most abandoned of God’s people. May God bless you this Pentecost Sunday and always!

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