This Advent season, will you be a shining light?

Advent Home Page BannerThe season of Advent is upon us! Following the gratitude of Thanksgiving and anticipating the miracle of Christmas, this is one of the most hope-filled times of the year.

At the same time, though, Advent is a reminder to all of us that hope can be elusive for so many people. At our missions in Latin America and in parishes here across the United States, life’s daily struggles often overshadow any hope for a better future. That is why it is so important for us to work hard to bring God’s message of hope to these often forgotten, yet always deserving people.

And by us, I mean you and our entire Trinity Missionary family – because God asks all of us to proclaim His message where it is needed most.

This Advent season, you can be a shining light — a Christmas star — to those whose lives seem filled with darkness — the darkness of want, fear, abandonment, and fear. Please give a generous donation to bring the light and hope of Advent to the children and families on our missions.

In return for your kindness, we will be sure to remember you in our Sunday Masses, as well as, in our daily prayers throughout this holy season of Advent. Please share your intentions so we can pray for them.


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