Together, we make a difference…Merry Christmas!

Fr Ray Riding w kids at Christmas


As Christmas draws near, what a joy it is to await the celebration of our dear Lord’s birth and begin to reflect on the many blessings Trinity Missions and those we serve received throughout the year. These blessings are truly gifts of love and support from the hearts of friends both far and near.

By sharing in our good works, our friends also share in the reward of knowing that they are making a difference in the world. Or, as our founder, Fr. Judge, would say, “Being a power for good.” Here are just a few examples of how being a “power for good” made a difference in 2018…

…We continued to build our new mission in Haiti! For the first time, Trinity Missionaries are in Haiti. What a blessing it is to help this area of the world devastated by earthquakes, disease, and corruption. It is a true gift to spread the Good News, and we are humbled to answer the call to serve where we are needed.

… Our men and missions were on the front-lines in the continued effort to help our brothers and sisters in Puerto Rico. Even today, our Trinity Missionaries are doing everything possible to bring relief and comfort to those who have lost so much.

…From California, all the way to Honduras, inner-city youth tempted by gang-life, were steered away from crime and violence and toward positivity and promise.

… Our elderly and infirm priests and Brothers — who richly deserve our care after a lifetime of service — continue to benefit from the goodwill of our many friends. Much needed repairs were made to their home, the Father Judge Missionary Cenacle, outside Washington, D.C.

Together, we brought hope to the lives of needy people across the United States, and in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Haiti, and Puerto Rico.

A very merry Christmas to everyone who made all of this possible. And, may the coming year bring with it the joy, hope and love promised us through Christ’s birth.

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