Summer is here and our missions need you.

Los niños del Sagrado Corazón disfrutando de los meses de verano en un ambiente sano y enriquecedor.

Summer is officially here, dear friends! This is the time to enjoy the outdoors, bask in the sun, and make happy memories with friends and family – especially for children.  You remember those days…playing with friends and not having a care in the world?

Sadly, this isn’t the case for all children. Many families are struggling to keep their homes, feed their children, and keep them safe. And now, in the summertime, what do these parents do when the school year is over? There is no longer a trusted place for their children to spend their days. Many kids spend their summers in front of the television, or worse, with the wrong crowd.

That is why with the generous support of donors, such as you, some of our missions are able to offer special summer programs for kids who need them the most. We know that children in struggling communities may be lost without us. Programs like the “Summer Enrichment Program,” offered at Sacred Heart Parish in Camden, Mississippi, allows low-income families to send their children to a safe place to learn and play.

Father Raul Ventura, S.T., the pastor of Sacred Heart Parish for the past five years,  recently shared news of the wonderful programs that are going on this summer. The usual Summer Enrichment Program includes educational activities, arts and crafts, and time to swim in the pool. Over forty children participate in this program — in a small rural community that is a lot of kids!

Father Raul explained, “Our summer programs depend on the commitment and the desire of so many people in the community, as well as our benefactors, who want to make sure our children and youth succeed in life. This is what motivates so many in our parish to give of their time, treasure and talent to contribute to the development of our children.”

These simple services may seem common to you, but for very rural and mostly poor communities like Camden, Mississippi, having access to summer camps is a true luxury. It goes without saying that the community of Sacred Heart is ecstatic and very grateful to have this service made possible by Trinity Missions, along with the many volunteers and loyal supporters like you.

Many thanks to all who give so generously. Most importantly, Fr. Raul and the children want to show their gratitude. Together with our seminarians, priests, and Brothers, the children pray daily in gratitude for the support of friends who make this work possible.

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