“On the Job Training”…Novices Spend Lent in Service of Others

Novices in Mexico March 2018

This month, the most important time of the year for us as Catholics is a time filled with both somber and joyful emotions– starting with our Lenten reflections and ending in the great celebration of the Resurrection.

During this important time, we reflect on our lives and thank God for our many blessings. We often offer up a sacrifice of some sort, a Lenten “offering” as a sign of repentance for our past sins. “Sacrifices” like ‘giving up chocolate’ to ‘attending Mass every Sunday,’ each individual finds their own way of showing the Lord that they are dedicated to becoming better men and women of faith. Often giving one’s personal time in service has the most impact.

Our Novices in Mexico are doing just that. Father Ray Riding, S.T., Director of our Novitiate in Mexico, shared that Brothers Carlos, Jean Phito, Benoit, Garry, and Wilson are currently hard at work serving two of our mission parishes in Mexico. They will serve these missions throughout Lent returning after Holy Week.

There is no better way to prepare these men for a religious life of serving others. Father Ray refers to these months of mission experience as “on the job training.” Like the many missionaries before them, these men are preparing for a life most do not choose in today’s world. They will spend their days in service of God and others, unmarried and without means. They commit to a life of community and obedience, always looking to improve the lives of the many instead of their own. And, they thank all of those who make this possible.

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