April 2016 Update from Fr. Edwin Guerra, S.T.

My First Steps

by Father Edwin Guerra, S.T.,
Vocation Director, Central America & Caribbean

Fr. Edwin Guerra, STI am overjoyed to share with you news of my initial efforts to promote our Congregation to young men living in Central America and the Caribbean. I am delighted to find myself a “fisher of men” and hope to help many who our Lord has called to better understand what it means to serve Him as a Missionary Servant.

My first steps on this journey begin in ​Costa Rica where I visit parishes, celebrate
the Eucharist and then discuss and leave information with lay leaders promoting the Missionary Servants. I also spend a good 12920478_1034946909914335_6185267230426743103_ndeal of time with the coordinators of youth groups and altar boys.

Since I am alone in my ministry and can’t be in two places at one time, I’m reaching out to specific people and places — sticking with our successful approach to all mission which is to work with my lay brothers and sisters. Together we will build a vocational information chain. For example, in places like Our Lady Queen of Love in Sarapiqui, the laity are generously distributing information about us to the different parishes where they serve. God willing, we will reap the fruits of our labors in a short time.

My initialTemple of Divine Mercy, Costa Rica experiences tell me that being present, sharing and celebrating life’s special moments with the people of God, is the key to spreading the Gospel as well as news of our charism. Numerous times I find myself sharing my contact information with people who through simple day-to-day conversation express that they know someone considering religious life. These two months have been very positive.

On April 19th, Fr. Edgar Solano and I traveled to El Salvador. Several communities there invited Fr. Edgar to perform concerts. The experience couldn’t have been more positive! The Church in El Salvador is full of life — so many people filled with the love of God.

While there I took the opportunity to participate in community meetings where people were being evangelized and praising God. Again, I stepped forward and shared news of our charism and Congregation.

Two families in El Salvador will be my support team in this region. They are constantly engaged in Catholic religious events around the country and will present the information to all those young men interested in being part of the Missionary Servant family.

Thanks to the work of Father Edgar, news of our Congregation is spreading through the 13094111_1046030542139305_6995893664664156748_nairwaves. Radio LUZ, a radio station reaching people across all of El Salvador, recently featured Father Edgar and his music. I was given airtime to share my contact information and to invite young men considering religious life to contact me. On April 24, we returned to our work here in Costa Rica.

My first two months as Vocation Director have been filled with many unique experiences and opportunities. I’m confident that through hard work and God’s everlasting support, more and more young people will begin to know us by our deeds as well as our commitment to the poor and abandoned.

May the grace and love of God continue giving me and the other Vocation Directors the strength, courage and love required to continue as “fishers of men,” casting nets among brothers who have the desire to serve God and His people.

In the Holy Trinity:
Fr. Edwin Guerra, S.T.

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