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Holy Rosary Indian Mission — Tucker, Mississippi

A glimpse of Holy Rosary Indian Mission in Tucker, Mississippi, where Choctaw Indians live on the reservation. more

Young people are returning to Church in Loiza, Puerto Rico

Father Rocendo Herrera, S.T., arrived at our mission in Loiza, Puerto Rico, two years ago. One of the first things he noticed upon his arrival was that there were very few young people attending Mass. He knew this needed to change but he also knew it would not be easy. One of the first steps … more

Healing the Sick in Guamal, Colombia…

Missionary Servant Brothers are given the freedom and flexibility to use their God-given gifts to better serve the people of our missions in a number of ways. Currently, there are 19 professed Missionary Brothers in our Congregation. Each plays a vital role in our missionary work. Freely and creatively giving service to others, the work … more

“La esperanza” or “hope” – is what we give the people we help.

Christmas is an especially busy time for our missionaries.  We have so many men, women, and children in need in our missions, and for many, this time of year is particularly difficult to bear. For various reasons, many of our poor families can’t joyfully celebrate this holy day, let alone the whole season, as we … more

Summer Fun at Sacred Heart in Camden, Mississippi

Summer is in full swing, my friends! This is the time to enjoy the outdoors, bask in the sun, and make happy memories with friends and family – especially for children. As you recall fondly your own lazy days of summer, days spent playing with friends and not having a care in the world, remember … more

Not your usual spring break…college students volunteer at Holy Rosary Indian Mission.

It is always such a joy when two cultures can come together and learn from each other. Thanks to your support, our priests and Brothers are able to promote these types of experiences. A wonderful example happened at Holy Rosary Indian Mission in Tucker, Mississippi. As you may recall, Holy Rosary Indian Mission is where … more

Building His Kingdom in Clio, Alabama.

With the help of many, we work to do as Jesus asked…to allow Him to live in us and, through our participation in His resurrected life, to build up His Kingdom in our world today.  Together with our lay brothers and sisters we are building up God’s Kingdom in all of our missions. One mission in … more

Missionary Servants Return to Chicago, Illinois…Read Fr. John Edmunds’ First Impressions as Pastor.

It’s been a little over one month since the Missionary Servants took over pastoral care of St. James Church in Chicago, Illinois. Father John Edmunds, S.T., the recently appointed pastor, is eager to share his first impressions. As you may recall, Father John is coming to the St. James community at the end of an … more

Good Deeds Become Life Lessons…Learn More About Our Candidates in Costa Rica

  San José Missionary Cenacle in Costa Rica is our pre-novitiate for young men in Latin America who are just beginning to discern a future as a Missionary Servant priest or Brother. During this time, the candidate has the opportunity to get to know us better and to search out his vocation with the assistance … more

“Who are the poor?” The answer may surprise you.

One of the first Missionary Servant priests to serve in México tells the story of the time he was preaching in a small rural chapel. During his homily, he posed a rhetorical question: “Who are the poor?” He was both surprised and humbled when, from the front row, a woman answered quietly: “The poor are … more