Changing lives and helping the vulnerable…meet Brother Raúl Mejia, S.T.

Brother Raul Mejia

Our Brothers work hard to make a difference. Often, their work leads to new adventures and educational opportunities. Take Brother Raúl Mejia for example. He is now a licensed social worker. He shares, “For me, it was a blessing to receive my degree in social work this year; I couldn’t have done it without the support given to me by my Trinity Missions family.”

Brothers play a vital role in our missionary work. Freely and creatively giving service to others, the work of today’s Missionary Brother takes many forms such as a nurse, lawyer, doctor and social worker.

As a religious Brother, Brother Raúl felt a call to use his gifts to help people not only spiritually but in helping individuals, families, and communities enhance their social functioning and overall well-being. “I felt this is what God was calling me to do,” he shares. “Through the gifts that God has given me, I want to change lives and help the vulnerable know that they are loved and can make a difference in the world.”

Brother has his work cut out for him. He has been assigned to one of our poorest missions— Guamal, Colombia. Life there is bleak for many, especially the youth. They live in little more than fragile hovels trying to live off the land – a little farming, a little fishing, small jobs here and there – anything to feed their families. With the lack of opportunities, some turn to living on the streets or worse lured into a life of crime.

With your support, Br. Raúl is developing programs that will give them hope. With his training as a religious Brother and as a social worker, he will give families the tools needed to stay together through counseling and retreats. He will be able to form programs that will help keep children off the streets and keep them from resorting to criminal activities. His work will offer the people of Guamal hope in a place where there is little. Please keep Brother Raúl and the people of Guamal in your prayers. And look for updates on his progress in the near future.

Missionary Servants like Brother Raúl, who are fulfilling their dreams to serve those in most need, are grateful to all who allow them to bring Christ to such wonderful people.

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