Surviving Hurricane Irma…Update from mission in Loíza, Puerto Rico

PR_Hurricane Irma2Our mission, St. Patrick and Holy Spirit Church, in Loíza, Puerto Rico, is the epicenter for this community’s relief efforts following hurricane Irma. Irma destroyed seventy-nine homes in Loiza. Due in part to an overwhelming sense of community felt by the Puerto Rican people and a shared faith in God’s restorative love, these families do not find themselves homeless.

Aide came from all across the island in the form of food, clothing and shelter. Pastor, Father Rocendo Herrera, S.T., shared his observations during the days immediately following Irma’s arrival:

September 8, 2017
“We continue to clean up the areas in town that were damaged where trees and branches fell. Last night the water was turned back on. We are hoping that Loíza’s electricity will soon come back on as well. The parish continues to be the center of operations for cooking in the town. People with food come and go. The town is taking things in stride.“

September 10, 2017
“Today, the food collection campaign started for families that lost their houses and appliances. The people are responding and are bringing water, canned food, cloths, etc. The parish hall is the space where all the donations are received. Today is the last day that food is being cooked and all of this week food will be collected. I am in communication with others about donations and help for those who lost their houses. Yesterday the lights came back on in the town but we are still waiting for internet. As always, thank you for your prayers and presence inPR_Hurricane Irma3 these difficult times.”

Please keep the people of  Loíza and all those who have been devastated by Irma’s destruction in your prayers. We invite you list your prayer intentions here.

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