Help Puerto Rico, Give Today!


Trinity Missions has had a presence in Puerto Rico since the earliest days of our Congregation’s founding. And, today five Trinity Missionaries serve in the Diocese of Fajardo – Humacao. These same five priests are responsible for three mission centers, one in Humacao and two in the area of Loíza. And, within each mission center exist many smaller chapels. This area of the island was some of the hardest hit.

On Monday, October 2nd, when the airport opens for commercial flights, two of our priests will depart and bring with them supplies. Their goal is to gather information in order for us to make a more robust response in the future. They will go bringing with them the following:

– significant cash, in smaller denominations, that can be used since there are not banks or ATM’s. This will be used to aid people.
– satellite phones – help people communicate with family, with aid workers and with us.
– chainsaws
– generators
– non-perishable food
– batteries, flashlights, etc.
– other basic necessities

Help Puerto Rico, Give Today!

Our plan is to send additional teams to aid in relief in the future as this will be a long-term recovery for the people of Puerto Rico. Please pray for the people of Puerto Rico and for our missionaries who serve them. More importantly, please give generously.

Your generous gift today will help with our efforts to bring comfort and hope in a place that is isolated and in many ways abandoned.

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