Update on our Senior Ministry III

We currently have three of our confreres residing at the Sacred Heart Nursing Home, our Senior Ministry III residence.

Father John McSpiritt

Father John McSpiritt

Father John McSpiritt is the custodian, appointed by Mike Barth within the last year. John is an unofficial chaplain at the home. The Sisters call on him when a resident is dying. John often says that he would rather be living in one of our cenacles, but if he has to be in a nursing home, Sacred Heart is where he wants to be.

Father Jim O'Brien

Father Jim O’Brien

Father Jim O’Brien informed us that he realized he needed more custodial care then we could provide at Father Judge Missionary Cenacle and asked to go to Sacred Heart. Every time we visit him he reminds us of how fortunate he is to be at Sacred Heart. He has a regular daily schedule that he keeps each day. The afternoons are spent reading the Scripture books he authored. At age ninety-one, he is the oldest priest in the community.

Brother Jonathan Daneski

Brother Jonathan Daneski

Brother Jonathan was the first ST to go to Sacred Heart and has outlived a great many of the confreres who came after him. In January, we celebrated Jonathan’s ninety-fourth birthday, which makes him the oldest Missionary Servant. Jonathan currently spends the majority of time in bed. We were recently informed that he may have had a mini-stroke.

The Missionary Servant Senior Ministry policy challenges all confreres to visit our priests and Brothers in Senior Ministry III. If you cannot visit them we encourage you to pray for them daily, recalling how Father Judge referred to them as the community’s “treasures.”



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