First Vows, the First Step in a Life-Changing Journey.

Brother Pierre Andral (pictured on right)

Brother Pierre Richard Andral (pictured above on right) realizes, “that to give the gift of myself to God’s people, I have to first know myself. ” He will be forever grateful to the many people who make his journey possible.

As Brothers Ramon and Gustavo come to the end of their journey to priesthood, one young man is beginning his. Brother Pierre Richard Andral will profess for the first time his vows of poverty, chastity and obedience at our mission in Mexico. Brother Pierre is very eager to make this commitment.

The First Profession of Vows is a very important step in the journey of becoming a Missionary Servant of the Most Holy Trinity. It comes at the completion of the Novitiate year, a special time set apart for prayer, study and discernment, when our novices learn at depth our charism and the missionary vision of our founder, Fr. Thomas Augustine Judge. It is also a time to study the spiritual dimensions of the vowed life and what it means to be a religious in the modern world. The year is rounded out with actual hands-on experience at one of our missions.

Reflecting on this Novitiate year, Brother Pierre shares, “I am forever grateful to our Congregation for giving me the resources that allow me to grow personally and spiritually. Throughout this year, I’ve found that it is through God that I can show His people His love and our charism. I realize more and more that to give the gift of myself to God’s people, I have to first know myself. Thanks to Fr. Ray, our Novice Master, who guided me in my Novitiate year, I feel prepared to take the next step on my path to becoming a Missionary Servant.”

As Brother Pierre anxiously looks forward to his future life as a Missionary Servant, he would like to thank all who walk with him and his confreres on this blessed journey.

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