Give Today! Help us reach our goal! Restore statue in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Christ Redeemer 1Please consider a donation to help restore our Christ the Redeemer statue here at our mission headquarters in Maryland. This large, magnificent marble statue stands as a beacon of hope not just for our priests and Brothers doing God’s work in our missions; it also shines bright in the community and comforts the devoted visitors who come to pray and leave their special prayer requests.

Christ Redeemer6

Decades of exposure to the elements (and sadly, episodes of vandalism) have left our statue in dire need of restoration. The estimate for the restoration is $10,000.  We are roughly $3000 short of our goal!  Please consider making a special donation to our Christ the Redeemer Statue Restoration Campaign. If you generously donate $500, we’ll gratefully list your name on a plaque affixed to the restored statue. And, any funds we raise above our goal — or that are leftover from the repairs — will go directly to support our missions.

Please give today!

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