50 Years and Still Going Strong!

Last month, Fathers Domingo Rodriguez and Charlie Gordon, celebrated their Golden Jubilee as Missionary Servants of the Most Holy Trinity priests.

Domingo Rodriquez receives awardMany remember Father Domingo for his years as Mission Procurator.  In this role he communicated to our supporters news of our good works as well as the accomplishments and challenges of those we serve. Before becoming Mission Procurator, Father Domingo served as a pastor for 14 years, as a member of the General Council for several terms and as General Custodian for eight years. During those years and still today, he serves the Hispanic Catholic community throughout the United States as a renowned homilist and speaker.

When asked to reflect on this important milestone, Father Domingo shared, “Life, love, being chosen by God…it is all a mystery! But my greatest delight as I celebrate this jubilee is really coming to understand that the mystery is all about daring to love God and God’s people untiringly with a passion for service.”

Father Charlie Gordon held several different mission assignments in the United States but found his passion for ministering to Spanish-speaking Catholics after being assigned to La Purisima parish in El Modena, California. From there he went on to becomP. Charlie Gordone a vocation promoter for our Congregation in Central America for 23 years. He was a herald inviting men to join our service to the poor and abandoned. Currently, he is serving on our mission at Our Lady of Victory parish in Compton, California. Father Charlie shares, “I have so much to be grateful for, and each and every day, thank our Triune God for the many good and generous people that He has placed in my life over these many years.”

Both men could not say enough about how deeply indebted they are to all to those who supported them and believed in them from the very beginning. The encouragement, prayers and generous financial assistance made their education and dream of priesthood possible.


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