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Over the years, numerous stories have been shared about our mission in Iztapalapa. Since 1993 when Trinity Missionaries established a mission in Iztapalapa — the poorest of the delegations, or boroughs, that make up Mexico City — much has improved.

Through the grace of God and the support of dear friends like you, Trinity Missionaries have witnessed the transformation of Iztapalapa first-hand. Gone are the tiny shacks made of corrugated cardboard and dirt roads. Today, the shacks have been replaced with concrete block houses, the roads are paved, and the city provides water and electricity. Small buses called “combis” provide public transportation to jobs in the city. There are public schools, a variety of stores and take-out restaurants, and even a small hospital. The city dump is now an ecological park to be enjoyed by all.

What’s most important to note is that over the years the faith of the people–their generosity and spirit of sacrifice–has not changed. A perfect example of this community’s unwavering faith is the recently repaired St. Francis of Assisi chapel. The roof had caved in and the people were not able to use the chapel for Mass for many months. Thanks to the continued support of dear friends like you, this chapel has a new roof and is once again fully operational. The new roof is a sign of hope and God’s love for the many who worship there.

St Francis Mex 2The St. Francis of Assisi community looks to the day when their chapel has all the finishing touches — decorative windows and doors, etc. Until then, they move forward in faith. In fact, Fathers Henry and Ermeregildo anticipate being swept up in a bustle of activity — retreats, confirmation for 50 candidates as well as 320 children receiving the sacrament of First Holy Communion — all in addition to the Masses and celebrations of Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

God bless all those who helped in making this and so much more possible for the thousands we serve. Thank you for choosing to be a part of our mission.

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